Halong Bay - The New Seven Wonder of The World
Posted Date: 3/7/20133:27 AM

Halong Bay is a center of a larger zone which includes Bai Tu Long bay to the northeast, and Cat Ba islands to the southwest. These larger zones share similar geological, geographical, geomorphologic, climate,and cultural characters.
The bay is famous for its scenic rock formations, over three thousand jagged limestone islands emerge from the emerald green waters of Halong Bay. While some islands are no more than large rocks others are much more substantial and contain huge cathedral-like caves of stalactites and stalagmites.
If you thought the hideout in the James Bond film “The Man with the Golden Gun” was spectacular, imagine a place where there is 3,000 such limestone islands clustered together in the East Sea of Halong Bay. Paddle through caves into secret lagoons, drift down channels surrounded by cliffs and forest and sail out into the open sea. Relax on the deck of our luxurious double-sailed junk and look forward to seafood bought straight from passing fishing craft. Swim alone amongst the limestone islets under the stars and take a breather at a floating village hidden amongst the islands. Our fiber glass sea kayaks make for satisfying travel, whether you are an Olympic champion or first time enthusiast.

Lying in the tropical zone and consisting mainly of water, Halong Bay enjoys a warm and wet climate with two distinctive seasons: hot and damp summer versus dry and cool winter. The average temperature of Halong hovers around 15-25 Celsius degree with the hottest months being June – August. However, the heat is significantly reduced thanks to the cool breeze, which seems to exist permanently in this sea island area. In winter it can get quite cold, especially if you are not from temperate zone such as North America or Europe. Always bring sunscreen and hat for summer trips and light coat or jacket for winter one

How to reach Halong Bay
Tourists generally visit the place on pre-purchased tours from Hanoi. The best way to reach Ha Long is to rent a car from Hanoi airport. You can also take a tourist open bus.

Interesting Activities
• Overnight on boat
Though many new hotels are being built on the bigger islands, experienced visitors recommend newcomers to spend a night on board a boat. This way, travelers will be able to admire the bay closer up and in quite a special way. The boats in question range from diesel-powered junks as well as higher standard cruisers.
The junks are less expensive compared to cruisers but keep in mind that they are usually small and do rock a lot. Pick the boat/accommodation that suits traveler’s style and budget, and then try it for at least one night.

• Kayaking
This is a unique opportunity to see some of Halong Bay’s most interesting scenery while being as close to the sea as possible. Travelers can paddle into peaceful lakes surrounded by limestone mountains and through amazing caves.
Indochina sails- a luxury cruise in Halong Bay also offers a tour one of the bay’s largest and most spectacular indoor caves, “Sung Sot” or “Surprise Cave”. Experiencing the placid and peaceful lagoons will bringing travelers as close to the wildlife of Halong Bay. Sightings of monkeys and bats are often part of the excursions.

• Swimming and Sunbathing in Halong Bay.
Halong Bay has thousands of limestone islands and grottoes. There are countless places to stop for swimming, fishing, snorkeling and kayaking when cruising around.
On famous Cat Ba Island there are a few well-known beaches to relax on, some with easily remembered names like Cat Co One, Cat Co Two and Cat Co Three. The stunning scenery of sheer mountain cliffs rising out of the bay makes an ideal backdrop to water-based activities.

• Trekking and Cycling.
Trekking is a good option on Cat Ba Island. There are lots of rare animals to see, including green and hawksbill turtles and golden-headed languor monkeys. Visitors can choose from various trek routes; either way it’s an impressive experience. Another good way to enjoy a visit to Cat Ba is to cycle around the local villages.

Best time to visit
The best time to visit Halong Bay is between September – November and March – May. The dry climate and pleasant temperature will enable you to enjoy all activities offered on board while making sightseeing as perfect as it could be.
If you are a budget minded travelers, then schedule your trip between May and September. This is often considered the low season and many cruise ships offer massive sale off on cabin: you can save as much as 40% on a cruise trip compared with other time in a year.  However, the months of July – August often see sporadic hurricanes and storms, which may render cancellation and delay of your trip. In those cases, you can switch around by visiting another destination in the North of Vietnam and visit Halong Bay later.

Things to remember
Here are the 3 things which you should keep in mind while traveling to Halong Bay.
- Hire English speaking guide
- Don’t forget to keep your own bottle of water, if you are on the boat
- Don’t forget to buy your trip cancellation insurance, because if you cancel your trip, you can get your money back.
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